Best name for PDP-11/05-10

william degnan billdegnan at
Thu Feb 25 09:48:08 CST 2016

> >
> >     > I always treated the 11/05 and 11/10 as separate machines, just as
> > much
> >     > as the 11/05 S and 11/05 NC.
> >
> > Can you please remind me again what the differences with the 11/05NC
> are? I
> > remembered we discussed it, but I'm too lazy to dig through the list
> > archives
> > for it.
> >
> The NC is in the BA11-D 10 1/2 inch box.  It uses the H750 PSU.
Here is a set of photos from my NC (forgive any errors in my descriptions)

Here is a set of photos from my S model

I did not know originally that there were differences NC vs. S, until I
learned otherwise.  I had a bunch of boxes of NC and S parts, and it took
me a while to sort them all out into two separate and correctly-configured
machines.  So again I was learning as I went and some of the descriptions I
used to describe things in the posts above are sometimes sloppy.  Fun
project, learned a lot.

The more useful box is the S model because the more standard enclosure can
be used for testing other UNIBUS cards more easily or than parity RAM.

The thin 11/05 chassis I only worked on for a weekend.  MARCH (now had a pair and I went through them to set up for a demo.  No
longer in my hands.  I think these were used for small mini stuff and to
control larger minis.



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