Xenosoft in New Haven CT?

Gary Oliver go at aerodesic.com
Thu Feb 25 15:19:05 CST 2016

On 02/25/2016 09:12 AM, Fred Cisin wrote:
> ...
> 95% of the enormous volume of spam that I receive is for them. For 
> years, I assumed honest stupid mistake and I forwarded misaddressed 
> mail to them, and notified senders (mostly "current hotlist of 
> candidates"), until those headhunters started adding ME to their 
> mailing lists, and it became clear that xenosoft.us was still giving 
> out wrong address, and not making a good faith effort to get it 
> right.  Kinda a very mild DDOS attack.
> (don't like somebody?  put their address on mailing lists, that sell 
> to other mailing lists, . . . )
> I started to learn .procmailrc, . . .
> -- 
> Grumpy Ol' Fred             cisin at xenosoft.com

Want to talk SPAM?  My company used to have the domain 'ao.com'.  We had 
it from the days BEFORE you need to pay for domain names - back when you 
registered with email forms...  And back BEFORE 'aol.com'. Back *before* 

It's amazing how much SPAM and misdirected email can come from people 
who can't seem to the 'l' on 'aol'...

We had two machines running constantly just filtering and re-directing - 
we never figured out a way to get aol to pay for this service...  So 
eventually they just went in the bit bucket.  Most of it was SPAM for 
aol customers...

At the point where we finally sold the domain to be rid of this issue 
(and make a few $) we were processing in excess of *300000* messages a 
day.  This is for a 7 person company.  It was more than 50% of the email 
processed by our ISP.  Our DSL router throttled the SMTP requests so we 
could SOME work done during the day.  Probably never caught up.  
Averaged about 10 per second during the peak period - throttled to about 
2 during our work day and all hell busted loose at night.

Our wires today are about at least 20x faster, so it would probably have 
been at least 20x more...

I hate SPAM.


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