ACE Key codes (xx2247 etc.)

Jay West jwest at
Thu Feb 25 17:42:17 CST 2016

Mike wrote...
Cromemco: XX4306
Thanks for chiming in Mike, could use all the datapoints we can get. Can you
elucidate which models of cromemco XX4306 works on? I'm not familiar with
those machines other than I know there was a 2 and a 3... something about Z
comes to mind... And on a specific model, are you able to try/confirm XX4306
on multiple machines?

Also - before we get too wide on the systems tracked... the "standard" ace
key had a barrel outer diameter of 0.375" and 7 positions. I am aware of 2
other variants that had different barrel OD's and different number of

So mike - what's the OD of your key, and is it 7 positions (concave
semi-circles around the key)?

Some mfg's could have used a different key in each individual machine/lock.
Others could have used the same key for all machines, or the same key for
all machines of a specific model. It is also certainly possible that some
mfg's used two or three different ones over the life of a model/series.

So, the more datapoints the better.

I'm pretty sure that *ALL* 2100's use the XX2946. I probably have over time
had at least 8 2100s, and currently have 4 or 5, and the same key works on
all of them. These all came from widely dispersed geographies.

I have "more than a few" DG Nova's, and the same key works in every one of
them, and they came from varied sources. I only have two Eclipses though, so
small sample size there.


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