Keys - Non-Ace was RE: ACE Key codes (xx2247 etc.)

Jay West jwest at
Thu Feb 25 19:01:44 CST 2016

I'll put the list of ACE keys (and codes, as we get them) on a website on
the classiccmp server for posterity.

Actually, this whole thing came up in my brain due to tracking down keys for
a Pr1me machine (non-ace). 

But I did find there is apparently a service where you take a
picture of your key with their app, and they mail you a copy (or if there is
a kiosk of theirs in your area, you can do it real time there).

They must have some "internal representation" of a key such that a key (any
key, any size, including car keys that are those "grooves") can be stored
"digitally" and downloaded. I wonder if similar art exists such that we
could store "whatever is necessary" to reproduce keys other than ACE ones
(rack cabinets, etc.). It would have to be something that can be presented
to a locksmith to make...

Just a thought...


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