ACE Key codes (xx2247 etc.)

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> Mike wrote...
> ------
> Cromemco: XX4306
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> Thanks for chiming in Mike, could use all the datapoints we can get. Can you
> elucidate which models of cromemco XX4306 works on? I'm not familiar with
> those machines other than I know there was a 2 and a 3... something about Z
> comes to mind... And on a specific model, are you able to try/confirm XX4306
> on multiple machines?

AFAIK all models using a tubular Ace key used that same number.

They were used in the various versions of the System One and System Three 
(CS-1, CS-3, CS-100); Z systems didn't have keylocks, and the other (later) 
CS-x00 (200, 300 and 400) series used the KABA flat keys with dimples 
(which were also all the same number AFAIK, EB0001).

KABA keys:

Some models also used 'normal' keys for access to the card cage etc.

> Also - before we get too wide on the systems tracked... the "standard" ace
> key had a barrel outer diameter of 0.375" and 7 positions. I am aware of 2
> other variants that had different barrel OD's and different number of
> positions.
> So mike - what's the OD of your key, and is it 7 positions (concave
> semi-circles around the key)?

0.375", 7 positions. If I can find my micrometer I'll measure them; wasn't there an old thread about Ace key codes?


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