Keys - Non-Ace was RE: ACE Key codes (xx2247 etc.)

Jay West jwest at
Thu Feb 25 20:07:54 CST 2016

Fred wrote...
Some municipalities have restrictions on it, ranging from no restrictions to
outright ban, or requiring the locksmith to keep on file the identity of who
requested a key, and/or "proof" of ownership of the lock (physically
bringing it in, letter on company letterhead, etc.)
My current locksmith - the first time I went in and asked him to cut a key,
he said since it was stamped "do not duplicate" I would have to bring in the
item it went to. I walked out. Came back later that day with a two wheeler,
and lifted an HP 2100S cpu onto his counter. He no longer asks ;)

Fred that's fantastic info, thanks a ton. I imagine that if I post the info,
it's up to anyone wanting a key to find a locksmith that will do it, or
drive to a different municipality, etc.... I'm just supplying the data :)

One thing strikes me... how to prevent incorrect data. I can think of two
types; A) Someone just types in bogus info, and B) I'm sure that over the
decades... someone in some computer room somewhere replaced a lock for
system XYZ with a standard off the shelf one. If they measure it and send in
the info - we have no way of knowing if that was a (computer) manufacturer
supplied lock and thus helpful to others, or some one-off that someone
installed themselves and thus an invalid datapoint.

Perhaps only list an entry if more than one person submits identical data?


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