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Jerry Kemp other at
Fri Feb 26 17:13:03 CST 2016

Hello Mouse,

Was just looking over your shim application briefly.

Just curious, as I see the README.linux note, what OS was your shim application 
built for and ran on?

Thank you,


On 02/25/16 05:41 PM, Mouse wrote:
>> []
>> At the point where we finally sold the domain to be rid of this issue
>> (and make a few $) we were processing in excess of *300000* messages
>> a day.  This is for a 7 person company.  It was more than 50% of the
>> email processed by our ISP.  Our DSL router throttled the SMTP
>> requests so we could SOME work done during the day.
> Hm?  You're implying your ISP was handling your mail, but then you
> imply you were handling your own mail.  I'm a little confused.
> The main reason I'm writing, though, is a bit different.
> That there's a company I know that was in a somewhat similar position -
> they were getting so much spam bounce blowback that they were shutting
> off all incoming SMTP during the day to keep the machine up.  I wrote a
> very lightweight SMTP server for them; it accepts connections and talks
> SMTP until it gets a valid recipient, and then - and only then -
> connects through to the real SMTP server and passes protocol both ways.
> It was very good at turning away mail to unknown addresses.  There was
> one time when some host in south-east Asia opened about 100 parallel
> connections and started a dumb-as-rocks dictionary attack.  It turned
> away many tens of thousands of unknown recipients in something like
> thirty seconds, and, even knowing exactly when it happened, I couldn't
> find the blip on our load graphs - it was drowned out by the noise.  If
> I hadn't been reading the logs for other reasons and stumbled across it
> I never would have known it happened at all.
> Obviously, it's of no direct use to you now that you don't hold
> any longer.  But in case you - or anyone else - is interested, I got
> their approval to open the code up; it's available to anyone who cares
> to fetch a copy.
> is the place to look for those interested.
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