3B2 Diagnostics

Alan Hightower alan at alanlee.org
Sun Feb 28 16:24:17 CST 2016



'filledt' comes on every Essential Utilities Disk 1 along with the unix
kernel and OS install routines. Get a SVR3 3.0 Essential Utilities Disk
1 and run filledt from there. I just went through this last week. 

You can grab the image from here: 



On 2016-02-28 11:20, Seth Morabito wrote: 

> Hi all,
> There's an image of a 3B2 Diagnostics disk floating around, but
> I'd like to try to confirm what model of 3B2 it was built for.
> I'm trying to run the "filledt" program from this diagnostics disk on
> my 3B2/400 emulator, and seeing some REALLY weird behavior. There are
> several ways to transfer control in the WE32100 CPU. You can CALL a
> procedure, which saves minimal state; you can GATE to a procedure,
> which is what interrupts to, and save more state; or you can CALLPS,
> which is a full process switch and saves the most state. My simulator
> can't run the "filledt" program because it is trying to CALL a ROM
> routine that expects to have been GATE-ed to. The procedure looks
> back in the stack for the last saved PSW, which isn't there.
> Sorry for the technical wall of text, but long story short: I don't
> know whether there is a bug in my simulator leading to this behavior
> (likely), or whether the 3B2 Diagnostics disk was built for the model
> 500 or 1000, which have totally different ROMs with different
> procedures at different vectors.
> Does anyone have a 3B2 diagnostics disk that is 100% verified to
> have come with a 3B2/300 or 3B2/400?
> -Seth

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