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"Techno-savvy" is essentially a media / marketing term. For the most part,
it means whatever the speaker(s) wish it to mean, within the context in
which it is used.

The term isn't always complimentary; it can just as well be a pejorative.

For the most part, the populace-at-large seems to define the term as
meaning "conversant in both the established, as well as the nascent
technologies of the day".

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> What is a techno-savvy student? Can classic computers possibly give an
> answer? I used early microcomputers in my electronics classroom I
> taught in the 70’s. Computers back then were rather primitive, not
> much better than calculators, but did mimic human learning – well
> maybe not advanced enough to deal with calculus! But they did help
> with the tedious tasks of generating random #s to start a particular
> process -  a game for instance. Maybe not intellectually challenging
> nonetheless doing a required job leading today to sophisticated games
> that do more than entertain. Back then students were put in groups to
> build a work station employing a Commodore 64 or Apple II or Heathkit
> H8. Fund-raising bought these computers at the school board was
> reluctant to spend money and or political capital that only benefited
> the few though we did install a workstation in the library – what
> wonder that created as it was small in comparison to the PDP-8.
> So what is a techno-savvy student now: Conversant in using a
> technological gadget to enhance his/her life? Or being able to build a
> computing workstation in high school? Or for simply possessing a basic
> understanding of how electronic/computing technology makes life more
> bearable, less boring? I don’t have the answers though being 64 I’ve
> lived through the evolution of computing technology and seeing how
> it’s affected my life good or otherwise! Looking forward to using my
> old computers, Coleco ADAM and Haethkit H8, if I can keep them going
> by procuring parts, as my dear friend who has them works tirelessly
> and I contribute when I get up to the big city in keeping them
> functioning. Such are the joys of classic computing. :)

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