10 forgotten wonders of 1980s homes

Jason Howe jason at smbfc.net
Fri Jan 1 10:46:13 CST 2016

On Wed, 30 Dec 2015, Ian S. King wrote:

> I've had CL in Seattle for years with minimal disruptions.  Nothing
> compared to my friends/colleagues with ComCrap.

I agree, I'm just north of Seattle, in Lake Forest Park.  With CL DSL I'm 
stuck at 5MB/800K.  Honestly, the 800K uplink is the real killer, 5MB down 
isn't awful, unless I'M trying to download an ISO or something -- in which 
case I can usually wait until I get to work (The UW has some fat pipes). 
The service is quite relable -- I think the Arris modem then sent me is shit, 
but that's a different issue.

Talking to some line techs in the neighborhood and confirming with CL 
customer service, CL fiber  is supposedly coming to my neighborhood in the 
next 6 months.  I'm not sure I believe it.

The one really interesting thing about DSL, which has me wondering if I should 
keep it is that a fixed IP only costs like an extra $2/month.  With any newer 
offering, (fiber/cable) I've seen that go as high as $20/month


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