Panda Display USB support in klh10 working

Mike Ross tmfdmike at
Sun Jan 3 19:50:45 CST 2016

Well if you decide to produce it - as a kit of parts or a finished
product! - put me on the list; I'll take two or three of them. Email
me direct if you like.


On Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 10:06 AM, David Griffith <dave at> wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Jan 2016, Mike Ross wrote:
>> On Sun, Jan 3, 2016 at 8:43 PM, David Griffith <dave at> wrote:
>>> I've managed to edit klh10 to talk to my new USB Panda Display
>> *blinks*
>> There's a USB Panda display?
>> I bought two of the original parallel port Panda displays years ago.
>> Recently wasted a lot of time trying to get them to work. The Windows
>> diagnostic tool program works perfectly - sending patterns to lights
>> and running them. But try to use them with klh and they initialize
>> with a few random lights on when you start it and then never change at
>> any point until *hardware* power is cycled. Evidently there's
>> something screwy and the support for them was never actually
>> incorporated into klh and/or the final Panda TOPS-20 release.
> One of the big limitations of the original Panda Display is that the
> parallel port is accessed through IO ports, not the operating system.
> Because of that, a USB-to-parallel converter will not work.  I also got one
> of the original displays.  By the time I built it up, I didn't have easy
> access to a real parallel port.  That's when I started to design a USB-based
> display.  The hardware and firmware is fairly simple.  The klh10 side of it
> is more complicated.
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