Front Panel Update

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Jan 4 07:38:29 CST 2016

Hi Guys!
                 I have just sent off an email to the silk screeners and 
will talk to them later.
Like most of the UK they have been shut down from 18th December until 

When they shutdown they had put the black layer on the back of all of 
the panels and they were in the drier

Moving to the front of the panel.  In the first batch I shipped. The 
front had the normal shiny perspex finish.  Somebody noticed the real 
old panels had a sort of matt black finish on the front. Actually it was 
a translucent sort of gray layer to diffuse the lamps and  had the side 
effect of making the front  surface look as if it was matt black. It 
isn't but it sure looks like it. Its some kind of transmissive optical 

OK so they go and get an ink to do the above.  While they had the panels 
in the drier they did a test piece.
Black on the back and translucent clear diffuser on the front. For some 
reason they were not happy with the result.

At that point Christmas intervenes.

To-day, what I have requested is not to mess around with the special ink 
if they dont like the results.
They should just put a real but thin layer of matt black on the front.  
The result should be the same.

More news as it comes in


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