The Old and New

ethan at ethan at
Mon Jan 4 17:32:50 CST 2016

> helps us to immeasurably enjoy our hobby. And yet there is a hunger,
> maybe less so for old computers as historical oddities don’t seem to
> attract a large following, for what came before. The new year
> hopefully expands our community: wishing all classic computer
> enthusiasts a wonderful New Year’s and all your wishes come true in
> 2016.


I think that more so than ever classic computing is rising in popularity! 
Granted my world is mostly plastic microcomputers from the 80s, but the 
demand is more so than ever for that stuff. I have friends that come to 
visit me in Northern Virginia that weren't of computering age if born at 
all when the Commodores and Ataris ruled, but are hunting odds and ends to 
complete systems they have. Last visit they left with a Kaypro 8088, some 
flavor g3 mac (one guy is trying to collect all flavors to match the print 
ads), a HP apollo workstation, and some MFM hard drives for a friend's 
8088 collection.

At this point they're not hunting larger iron or PDPs and that era stuff, 
but more so out of lack of storage space and leads on the systems.

There are a lot of people that are watching a lot of videos on youtube 
about the classic computing stuff, and I think a good amount of that 
drives the interest! (Hint!)

 			- Ethan

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