The Old and New

Mike tulsamike3434 at
Mon Jan 4 15:28:10 CST 2016

On 01/04/2016 05:15 PM, Murray McCullough wrote:
> There seems to be in this world a hungering for what’s new: witness
> the gazillion smart phones sold; untold number of iPads(tablets) and
> their ilk; and plug-n-play computers. What seems to be forgotten is
> what came before; what interests us – vintage/classic computers.
> Whether in the grand scheme of things it really matters whether we
> call it classic computing, this website’s name protected by
> copyright(internet ‘laws’), retro-computing; vintage computing;
> golden-age computing or just plain old-computing era, nevertheless
> helps us to immeasurably enjoy our hobby. And yet there is a hunger,
> maybe less so for old computers as historical oddities don’t seem to
> attract a large following, for what came before. The new year
> hopefully expands our community: wishing all classic computer
> enthusiasts a wonderful New Year’s and all your wishes come true in
> 2016.
> Happy computing, Murray :)
I agree Yes it's nice to slat a DVD and have auto-play and
all that but the fundamentals still scratch at the back of my
head and that is what keeps me reading as many books as
  I can about our computer history and learning code. I love
learning all the original codding and play with a sodering gun and a
board. But more than anything to me I love BASIC coding...
A happy 2016 to you all!

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