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> I wonder how it could take them three months to figure something out.  
> Maybe Chuck can comment.
> But over a year after they spent the 3 months.  Hmmm.  It will be 
> interesting to hear what was recovered, though from what has been 
> written and passed down about Roddenberry, I'm not expecting much.
> On a tangent, from a lecture 35 years ago by Harlan Ellison, I hope all 
> of his papers are preserved and transcribed.  He had about 15 4 drawer 
> cabinets of work notes at that time, probably double or triple that 
> now.  I think at the time he worked manually as well.
> https://www.yahoo.com/tech/floppy-disks-star-trek-creator-182855583.html

I'm very familiar with DriveSavers. They are a professional forensically
qualified firm (you can review all their certifications on their website).

Many three letter government agencies, law firms and Hollywood studios,
etc. use them to forensically retrieve information from FDD, HDD, Arrays
of hundreds of drives (cloud), SSD, Smart Phones, etc. This includes those
that have been purposely or accidentally erased and/or physically

I have visited their facilities in Novato, California - and they are
truly amazing. I've seldom seen such a capable, quality operation.

I'm somewhat familiar with the Roddenberry floppies. They were not in a
standard format - so it was not just a matter of reading the floppies,
but developing software to read the specially formatted and encoded
floppies (understanding directories, files, etc.) and converting them
to files in a format their client could use.

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