Free HP 3000 Equipment for removal (Denver Craigslist)

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I'm on it...

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Someone go get this.

posted: 2016-01-04 12:20pm

I have the following HP 3000 computer equipment in my basement yours FREE for removal

QTY Description
----- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
2 HP 3000 series 30 Computers
4 HP 7925 disk drives
1 HP 2608A line printer
1 HP 7970E tape drive
2 HP 3000 Console Terminals
3 HP 2645A terminals
2 HP 2631A terminal printers

The picture shown is of 3 disk drives and the Tape drive when new (1980). This equipment has been mostly idle for 20+ years. The first 4 line items of equipment above are relatively large and would require at least 2 men to remove each item from my basement.

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