Front panel update

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Thu Jan 7 06:40:52 CST 2016

Hi Guys
                Just got back from the silk screeners. Panels everywhere!!
Final layers (Amber and white ) going on. Customising insets for type A 
and B  ready

Front is now matt black as per requests.

They are sourcing some ready made packaging and plastic cloth.
Its that soft stuff you get round hifi's and TV's etc.

I have some pictures I took on the wifes iPad. If I can get them off on 
to my PC I can send then out.
I'm working on a Web server as focal point for everything panel.

  In addition to DEC Straight 8,  8/e (A or B), 8/f and 8/m,
I also have artwork for  IBM 360 and Burroughs 3500

PDP 11/40 (PDP10) thru 11/70 are under way.



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