I COULD JUST KICK MYSELF IN THE BUTT!!! commodore pet . . .

Mike tulsamike3434 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 13:30:05 CST 2016

Back in the mid to late 90's I used to go to the Salvation Army store
every day before work because I worked night shift and the lady at the
counter used to have a crush on me and would set aside all old computer
stuff for me. Well one day I went in and I seen her wheeling me out a
Commodore PET  with the calculator keyboard witch drove me insane trying
to program on that lil keyboard lolol. I got it for 10.00 FREAKING BUCKS

Sorry about that I almost just broke my keyboard just telling this story
lol anyway I played with it and this was just before AOL went from 20.00
for 15 hrs of INTERNET time to 19.99 unlimited net time. I don't know if
any of you remember when they switched over to the unlimited monthly
plan but as for in Oregon AOL Servers crashed for about 3 months from
such a heavy load of members dialing up and connecting quick question
here _*<------- Did this happen in your area if so where were you?*_
Anyway back to the commodore PET I snatched that baby up and most of my
information I got for older computers back then was the library I used
to spend HOURS AND HOURS reading and learning how to program in BASIC I
had no idea what all the ports in the back were for I was just happy to
have the built-in tape drive. I was programming a " ROCK n ROLL TRIVIA
GAME" boy I got in such big trouble because Cd's where the new thing
then so I had no blank tapes so I remember I got busted from my mom, She
was so mad at me because I use a TAMMY FAY BAKKER from the Jim Bakker
PTL show tape in my Commodore PET Computer lol 

Well just about this time all the "TREE HUGGER'S"  Were using the
SPOTTED OWL to bring the logging industry to it's knees! so about that
time a friend of mine from central America and offered me a job in the
Oil industry and I up and left everything behind but I must admit a year
before that my Mother bought me my first PC it was a Amega 486 DX66 with
8meg of ram and I was getting very interested in HTML web programming I
think my first FREE HOSTING website was on GEOCITYS. ANYway I hate
myself for leaving my MINT condition Commodore PET when I moved but I
had alot of other life choices to be dealing with at the time...

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