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hello everyone ,
first am 1 on the correct channel??
I have several S100 boards , found 25 years ago,
kept in my cellar and forgotten....fortunately they are still in good
conditions , all circuits are standard ttl (only a few proms) ,and all
circuits are on sockets so all is easy to repair.
I cleaned and repaired the power supply (only one capacitor exploded ) ,
I have the correct voltages +-
19v ,+9V on the backplane , now the power supply works . I have very few
only a few booklets with configuration data on some of the boards , no
The maker was a french company named ADD-X ,located near Toulouse south
west of France . Machines ran cpm/mpm .
I have boards of several configurations :
*cpu boards with Z80,64k of dynamic rams and 2708 . There are
configuration switches
around the eprom socket to use 2708 or 2716 . I wonder how it is
possible to address more than 64K (rams+eprom)with a Z80 . I need
documentation about it . On Ebay I found a Z64 board that is identical ,
I cannot contact the seller , I tried to get informations ... he does
not accept emails. Does anyone know that Z64 ?
*boards with 4 rs232+1 ppi
*boards with 2 rs232+1ppi+1 fdc configurable for 8 inches or 5 inches
*hdc controllers with one hard disk
I also have disquettes,and backplanes .
I need informations on the S100/cpm systems , how are boards addressed ,
it is something like qbus/unibus : fixed address for each category of
board,is the console at a fixed address???etc . Since that epoch I have
all the classic books from R.Zaks
about microprocessors and cpm , there are very few informations on the
S100 bus.
I built a system with a cpu and a board with RS232 and fdc,I connected
the terminal to the port labeled 'con0'(console 0??) ,nothing happened
on the terminal.
It may be lots of thing from a dead cpu or eprom to rs232 driver . I did
not test more for today.
I want to build a small system with a monitor in rom to examine/modify
ram , registers just to learn Z80 . What monitor can be used ? I have
what is necessary to compile and burn eproms .
Thanks for your help  . I have lots of questions.I can send photos
to identify boards .
Best regards Alain Nierveze

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