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Thu Jan 7 18:13:07 CST 2016

>> I don't trust the vendor's internal security to keep the key from
>> leaking and I don't trust the vendor's HR security to prevent
>> malware authors from making it to the inside, and I *sure* don't
>> trust the vendor to resist a request from law enforcement [...]
> I donâ¿¿t know if itâ¿¿s typical or not, but every company that
> Iâ¿¿ve worked for that has managed crypto-keys has taken key security
> *very* seriously.

I find that easy to believe.  However:

(1) "[E]very company [you]'ve worked for" is almost certainly a heavily
    biased sample; if you have a tenth the clue you appear to, you
    would stay away from the dodgier ones.

(2) Taking key security seriously is a very different thing from being
    good at key security.  (They probably correlate positively, but not
    nearly as strongly as one might wish.)

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