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> On 2016-Jan-07, at 11:13 AM, nierveze wrote:
> > first am 1 on the correct channel??
> > I have several S100 boards , found 25 years ago,
> > ...
> > I wonder how it is possible to address more than 64K (rams+eprom)with a
> Z80 .
> S100 memory boards often incorporated a bank-switching scheme to allow for
> multiple 64K banks in the system.
> The convention was a dedicated I/O port number (0x40?) to which one writes
> a bit pattern to select the desired bank.
> Such memory boards have configuration switches to set their bank ID/number.
> For a system to use this scheme, all the memory boards in the system are
> to be listening on that same port, waiting to recognise their ID.
> I designed and built such a board way, way back when I was an
undergraduate.  (The fact that it was for an S-100 system is sufficient
suggestion of just how long ago....)  Someone was doing medical image
processing, IIRC.

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