PDP-12 restauration in center Germany

Jörg Hoppe j_hoppe at t-online.de
Sun Jan 10 10:16:17 CST 2016


in case somebody needs companions for cross-tests or likes to exchange 

A few month ago we bought a PDP-12 and are restoring she since then.

There is no online-diary about progress (the maching is eating up all 
time), but see here:

The 12 is complete with no visible damages and has some undocumented 
add-ons (they always have).
Especially a MOS memory extension was plugged off very soon.

Luckily we could organize an 95% complete 2nd module set.

After console exchange (we had indeed a 2nd one!) and much trouble with 
cpu logic,
we can now execute opcodes with DO and FILL/EXAM the core memory.

Contact me if you like to visit us, we're sitting near Göttingen 
(between Kassel and Hannover).


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