DEC PDP-11 software manuals available

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Tue Jan 12 07:01:20 CST 2016

So I have a bunch of DEC PDP-11 software manuals which I don't want (which I
got in a lot with some other manuals I did want). They are free to a good
home (US media mail free, anything else we'll have to work out).

They are:

  RT-11 Documentation Directory (AA-5285D-TC, March '79)
  RT-11 System Release Notes (AA-5286B-TC, March '78)
  RT-11 System Generation Manual (AA-5283B-TC, March '78)
  Introduction to RT-11 (DEC-11-ORITA-A-D, August '77)

  RMS-11 Installation Guide (AA-H235A-TC, June '79)
  RMS-11 User's Guide (AA-D538A-TC, March '79)
  RMS-11 MACRO-11 Reference Manual (AA-H683A-TC, March '79)

Also, before I send them off, should I scan any/all of them (I'm too lazy to
look to see if they already available online :-)?


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