TDL 8K Z80 Basic..

Holm Tiffe holm at
Tue Jan 12 08:25:07 CST 2016

Currently I'm fiddeling around with the old 8 Kbyte Z80 Basic Interpreter
from TDL, found an Paper Tape Image here:
on Dave Dunfields pages.

I've used the 12K Version from TDL many years before on my home computer
and now we have a project on with an SBC and I've ported
the P112 Tiny Basic already to this SBC, now I want to try the 8K TDL


Has someone still a computer with that 8K TDL Basic in use?

In the moment I'm writing a loader that can "autopatch" the relocation
Bytes in the TDL HEX file format from the Paper Tapes. Someone used that



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