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Tue Jan 12 17:46:11 CST 2016

Alright- I'm not gonna get into this- people on listservs will always get
what they want to out of a message- usually the worst.

I am gonna look for my 6.2 CDs for the guy who has a Crimson, but I fear
they're 2000 miles away in Chicago-- sitting on top of my Crimson. :(
I'll look around for older versions like 4 and 3 as well... I know they're
somewhere in my RAID

I /DID/ find 6.5.22 and imaged it.

I've *temporarily *placed the 6.5.22 overlay media on my server- someone
should upload it to I will do it at some point later, when I'm
not on a cell phone... If I remember.

Note: *This release is an overlay and still requires the 6.5.0 foundation
set on*- thus my comment that it was a good start!
No invalidation of what others have done- in fact it is necessary to build
on! (Thank you, Jason!)

You need this version to run any of the excellent freeware packages in


- Ian

On Tue, Jan 12, 2016 at 2:54 PM, geneb <geneb at> wrote:

> On Tue, 12 Jan 2016, Ian Finder wrote:
> So instead of sneering about it, why not upload ISOs of that version?
>> I wasn't sneering at it. My goal was to advise people not to waste time
>> performing a 4 hour install process that takes 6 CDs that each need to be
>> read in twice only to find out they can't run anything. IRIX is one of the
>> worst OSes to go thru such a process for.
>> Because the way you worded it appeared to invalidate what was done
> without offering anything more than "a waste of time".  Had you written,
> "It's a waste of time because <logical reasons>", then I probably wouldn't
> have been a dick about it.
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