For you SGI fans...

ethan at ethan at
Wed Jan 13 00:02:42 CST 2016

> is this allowed? i thought it was under a restrictive licence and was not
> allowed to be shared freely like this?
> I am not complaining at all, im making about 500 copies of everything on
> that page ,ive been stuck outta luck with a sgi crimson without the irix
> 6.2 install disk needed to make it work. but still ,are you legally allowed
> to make copies like this?

It's just media, and it's a way dead platform.

Another issue is that some of it requires this license file thing that has 
these codes that are needed for things like the C and C++ compilers, which 
generally won't compile stuff written for GCC without modifications.

So if you find SGI machines always try to reset the root password and look 
for the license.dat file to check if it has anything special. The file 
contents look like this:

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