Sun SPARC at iBid State of Illinois auction site again

Joseph Zatarski jzatar2 at
Wed Jan 13 12:39:10 CST 2016

Hey everyone,
I was browsing and I noticed that there's another Sun SPARC posted up:

last time, I think there was one that went for a mere $5. Now of course,
you gotta move it or pay to have it moved, but if you're interested, act
now and start getting an account on the site. When I got my account, I had
to wait a few days before they actually got my account set up.

Anyway, given that this is the second time I've seen Sun equipment on the
site at the same location, I would venture to guess someone over here in IL
government is phasing out their sun stuff, so maybe it's worth checking in
the future as well for more stuff if anyone's interested.


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