Building a PC - then & now

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Wed Jan 13 17:07:23 CST 2016

> On Jan 13, 2016, at 3:01 PM, William Donzelli <wdonzelli at> wrote:
> Errrrr...Heathkit is long gone.
> However, there are at least a few car guys that might have a thing or
> two to say about the original post.

I agree.  Kit cars are still around.  ;-)

I don’t know about how easy it would be to build a TV (from scratch…something
Heathkit didn’t do BTW…tuner was pre-assembled and “tuned”) given that the
over-the-air signal is now a digital signal vs analog (ie I can’t recall if there’s any
encryption involved that would require decryption keys).

TTFN - Guy

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