Building a PC - then & now

Jerry Kemp other at
Thu Jan 14 14:00:23 CST 2016

Sure you can build a car.

Assuming I have the spare $$$$$, I could build a brand new 1969 Camaro.  With 
out ever going to GM.

Assuming you have the know how and skills, your biggest problem might be 
deciding which vendor your money will go to for various parts.

Plenty of other US cars could be built in a similar fashion, but the Chevrolet 
is probably one of the more popular ones.

Some also mentioned VW's.  Another good canidate.


On 01/13/16 04:29 PM, Murray McCullough wrote:
> I was reading in a dated magazine article on the "freedom to build(a
> PC)": Well you can't build phone; can't build a car; can't build a
> refrigerator; can't build a TV. Do we have the freedom to build a
> computer? We did in the earliest days of the PC- the 8-bit era. Heck,
> that's all one could do! It was limited and is to this day. AMD vs
> INTEL control what we can do. Has anything really changed?
> Happy computing.
> Murray  :)

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