Character ROMs for HP 2631G printer / 264x terminals

Mike Loewen mloewen at
Thu Jan 14 15:02:10 CST 2016

    The 2608 uses a linear "voice coil" motor to move the corebar, and is 
actually pretty quiet with the lid closed.  The motor "hums" more than 
anything else, and the hammers aren't that loud, either.

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On Thu, 14 Jan 2016, Curious Marc wrote:

> Ah yes, you are right, 400 LPM. Our IBM 1403 at the CHM is 600 LPM and 
> is a pretty impressive (and VERY loud) beast when it prints at full 
> tilt, so I'd think the smaller 2608 should give a nice visual and sound 
> performance when it starts cooking... Cleaning your garage you must.
> Marc
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>> And I was already salivating for the 600 lines/minute HP2608 that was part of the HP 3000 system since I have the interface card for it. Looks like it went to a lucky someone else...
>> Marc
> I have a 2608A that I still haven't gotten around to trying since I acquired it years ago. My project for the beginning of this year is to get my garage cleaned up. Maybe I'll finally have space again to try getting it working with an HP-1000.
> It says 400 LPM here, not 600. Still, that would be interesting to see work through a pile of paper.

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