Preferred way of substituting TFT for CRT Monitor?

Martin.Hepperle at Martin.Hepperle at
Fri Jan 15 05:39:11 CST 2016

I have got a HP 9000/217 machine with a standard video card. This card has a monochrome composite output (resolution is as low as about 512x400, but I might replace it with a higher resolution card). A small 9" HP monitor that I used for testing only shows me 2 or 3 bands of the image and cannot capture the signal properly.

All I have are modern TFT monitors which usually have VGA and/or DVI inputs, no separate R-G-B or monochrome jacks.

What is the preferred way to connect "old" composite video signals to a modern TFT monitor without losing too much sharpness? I understand that interpolation is an unavoidable problem.

Searching the internet did not give me a clear answer. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you, Martin

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