Archiving CP/M 2.2 Source Code Programs to a PC (Fat or NTFS media)

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Fri Jan 15 09:39:50 CST 2016

do you have a working 8" drive?  You can attach to a PC from the 386
through to Pentium III as a "HD 5 1/4" drive.  That's what I do.  You need
the DBIT 50/34 adapter and image an disk program.  You can usually for CP/M
disks just use the motherboard's built-in disk drive controller, but I also
have a Catweasel if I need it for more exotic formats.  CP/M disks are very
readable, any format I have ever encountered on SS disks has been no
problem, assuming the disk itself is ok.

Here is a thread from my web site that describes the process, as I
accomplished it.  There is more than one way to skin this cat, there is
also a link within the thread with a downloadable how-to guide from VCF
East 9.


On Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 10:32 AM, Robo58 <robo58 at> wrote:

> Hi Fred,
> Thanks for the reply.  The 8" SD diskettes are standard IBM format (I
> believe 3740 physical format) 26 sectors.  I believe the  8" DD follows the
> same 3740 physical format but has 1024 byte sectors and that they could
> vary
> as to either 8 or 9 sectors/track.
> Regarding the 5.25" HD diskettes.  I believe they are duplicates of the
> 8"DD
> just using the smaller media.
> The hardware is custom so there is no unique base of users or other
> software
> to leverage.  There are two different platforms, both Z80 one platform uses
> the Western Digital 1771 floppy controller, the second platform was newer
> at
> the time and is Z80 with WD 1791 floppy controller.
> Thanks Robo
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> On Fri, 15 Jan 2016, Robo58 wrote:
> > Hi Folks,
> > I have many diskettes worth of CP/M 2.2 assembler source code and
> > programs that I'd like to archive in the PC environment.  I'm worried
> > that my media is degrading and I want to move it before it's too late.
> > The media is mostly 8" SD or DD, there are also some 5.25" HD diskettes
> too.
> Are the "8" SD" standard 8" SSSD?
> What format are the 8" DD?
> What format are the 5.25" HD?   Are you SURE that they are HD?
> > I have the original hardware and can view the media and run the programs.
> What make and model?  There are approximately 2500 mutually incompatible
> CP/M disk formats.
> > I'm looking for suggestions on how to move it to the PC environment.


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