Archiving CP/M 2.2 Source Code Programs to a PC (Fat or NTFS media)

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Jan 15 11:07:22 CST 2016

On 01/15/2016 06:09 AM, Robo58 wrote:

> I have many diskettes worth of CP/M 2.2 assembler source code and
> programs that I'd like to archive in the PC environment.  I'm worried
> that my media is degrading and I want to move it before it's too
> late.
> The media is mostly 8" SD or DD, there are also some 5.25" HD
> diskettes too.
> I have the original hardware and can view the media and run the
> programs.
> I'm looking for suggestions on how to move it to the PC environment

I'm sure that others will give you some great suggestions on the 
mechanics, but I will add my own 2 cents to this by observing that if 
most of the diskettes are CPMUG or other "user groups", your effort may 
well be redundant--many of the files that were distributed via BBS have 
long been archived and made public (e.g. SIMTEL20).

Good luck,

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