My last word on building computers!

Murray McCullough c.murray.mccullough at
Fri Jan 15 12:33:10 CST 2016

I’m not sure to what degree one can/wish to build there own car. If
one puts their mind to it; then anything is possible. I’m sure this
applies only to die-hard builders and not representative of the
‘average’ guy/gal. One, and I may be stereotyping here, does not have
the time to build much of anything is this hurried world we inhabit. I
know this website caters to the experimenter/hobbyist in the computing
world but I wonder how many of us have the time/inclination to build
an old machine. I recently tried to revive my Coleco ADAM but couldn’t
find old capacitors/transformers – maybe in America they’re available!
(I could run an emulator on my PC/Mac but to what end? It’s definitely
not the same as running the real thing is it?) As for new machines I
guess there are builders /programmers of Raspberry Pi’s but they have
a limited use for power users and for ‘old’ computer aficionados of
classic computing era! Do young people want to do this? They may be
computer savvy but I don’t think too many have an interest in building
anything, particularly from the vintage era. My friend’s grandson,
he’s 7, told me the computer is a tool for getting ahead not for
looking back. Yikes!

Happy computing!

Murray  :)

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