Archiving CP/M 2.2 Source Code Programs to a PC

mark at mark at
Fri Jan 15 13:16:01 CST 2016

From: Jon Elson <elson at>

> Got a console serial port on the CP/M system?  You should be
> able to use a program like Kermit to suck up the files.

Something like this was going to be my suggestion, too.  The original 
request was to archive the source files, not the disks themselves. 
Virtually every modem-type program (MODEM7, for example) has at least 
XModem, and of course there are tons of options for the PC end (PuTTY seems 
to be a popular choice).

Hopefully there's some serial port in the system, even if it's not the 
console.  And you do remember how to write 8080 code and make CP/M calls, 
right?  Worst case, since it's "Source" you're trying to archive, would be 
to write a simple program that just reads a file and blurts it out the 
serial port, with no handshaking at all.  Running a serial capture on the PC 
would probably have very few, if any, errors.
Mark Moulding

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