Archiving CP/M 2.2 Source Code Programs to a PC (Fat or NTFS media)

william degnan billdegnan at
Fri Jan 15 16:19:23 CST 2016

CP/M disks, - if they're soft sectored - are just about the easiest non PC
DOS format to image assuming you have the right set up.  It takes me 20
seconds per disk with Dunfield's utility.

I use a DBIT 50/34 pin adapter to convert a the 8" 50pin disk cable to a
34-pin 5 1/4" cable.  With this adapter- it's super fast.  You want a DD 8"
drive  like the 850, but if you created the disks on an 801 you should be
able to use it to image the disks to the modern PC.

DBIT: Source for 8" drive adapter to work on a newer drive controller:

If you want, send the disks to me as I have everything set up here.
Contact me directly if you need assistance.   Every vintage computerian
ideally should have some sort of disk imaging station set up but if you
don't I or others here with such systems are probably happy to help.


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