SGI Fuel P/S ::WAS:::::::Re: For you SGI fans...

Jerry Kemp other at
Fri Jan 15 16:52:56 CST 2016

Thanks for the comments.

All this SGI discussion has me wanting to go out and hunt down a Fuel even more.

It sounds like I need to focus on finding one with a rev-4 or better power supply.

Its been some time since I have personally done any soldering.

There's got to be some place, for a fee, that knows about and can repair SGI 
power supplies.


On 01/15/16 03:26 PM, Mazzini Alessandro wrote:
> Sadly yes, there's a known issue with psu in fuels. I have one that went
> kaboom after 20 minutes and lies waiting for a psu since months (and will
> lie that way, I guess. I'm looking at it in a sad way near daily...).
> Long story short, Fuel psu were made by 3 different brands, and each of them
> had ... longevity issues... in what we could say being revision 1 to 3.
>>From 4 upward (and if I'm mistaken , at worst was from 3 upward) they tend
> to be resistant.
> Exploding issues aside, those psu are not standard and have a chip doing
> some mumbo jumbo inside (all lines are monitored, by example). That chip can
> .. erase itself... ( in the upper mentioned revisions, for sure ). There are
> no known dumps of the chip firmware.

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