Non-baking cure for sticky shed?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Jan 16 10:42:05 CST 2016

On 01/16/2016 03:02 AM, Mattis Lind wrote:

> I haven't read the article in ARSC since I am not a member. But maybe
> someone knows what this is about?

Much ado, IMOHO, about little.

There's an associated patent:

that relates to this.  Essentially, it's a system for cleaning the front 
and back of a tape.  It was greeted with some skepticism on the ARSOList 
mailing list and I can find nothing much after that.

Try this for your Inmac disk (I used to buy cables and such from 
them--Inmac blue):

Bake the disk first.

Get yourself some cyclomethicone (D5 lubricant) and coat both the front 
and back of the disk by swabbing it  on the surface, then rotating the 
disk, then repeating until the entire surface is coated, then read the 
disk immediately.  D5 is somewhat volatile and will eventually evaporate 
completely.  I've used this method for very severely compromised disks 
and tapes where the binder has actually bled through to the oxide 
surface with great success.  In the case of tapes, I mount the tape on 
my cleaning machine and use a thick felt strip to wipe the stuff on.

You can use any excess D5 to untangle your hair (used in a lot of 
shampoos and horse grooming stuff).  Utterly inert chemically.


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