TU58 problems

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Sat Jan 16 19:41:03 CST 2016

 >tony duell wrote:

>>Similarly, it could be a useful diagnostic tool to connect the real
>>TU58 hardware to a known-working (presumably slightly more modern)
>>machine to see if it's willing to work that way.
>Yes. Does such a program exist? Something that will let me send commands 
>to the TU58 and see what it sends back? Again I could write one, but then 
>again I want to be sure that when it doesn't work it's a real problem with the
RT-11 has a DD(X).SYS device driver which I have used
on a PDP-11/83 connected to a DLV11-J.  The connection
is straight through  with 10 pins to 10 pins (with one pin
usually omitted).

While the TU-58 tape will not have an RT-11 file
structure, you can at least read each raw block
and display the contents:


nnnn is in octal unless it also has a decimal point

Let me know if you need anything else to run the
TU-58 with RT-11.

Jerome Fine

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