TU58 problems

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Sun Jan 17 08:05:48 CST 2016

 >tony duell wrote:

>>While the TU-58 tape will not have an RT-11 file
>>structure, you can at least read each raw block
>>and display the contents:
>Actually I believe the VAX11/730 console tape is an 
>RT11 file system (for all there is no PDP11 involved).
On a VAX, there is an application (named EXCHANGE if I remember
correctly) which reads and writes the first partition of any RT-11 disk
drive.  If you are correct and the file structure is from RT-11, then the
TU-58 tapes would look as if they had normal RT-11 files.

If you have a PDP-11 system with a serial DL port, don't forget that
it must also be set at the same speed as the TU-58 tape drive.  While
it seems unlikely that you have not made sure with the VAX and the
TU-58 tape that they both have the same baud rate, check just in case.

Let us know if you are successful or if there is any other information
that you need.

Jerome Fine

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