TU58 problems

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 17 12:40:50 CST 2016

>   What's the SD card based TU58 emulator that a couple of people mentioned?
> Is that just a Raspberry PI with linux and the existing TU58 emulator
> software, or is there something more purpose built?

First hit on Google for 'TU58 Emulator' (no quotes) for me was : 


Seems to be an arduino-based device using SD cards.

Incidentally, another reason I am not too keen on using an emulator is that I suspect
there could well be logic faults in the CPU and if I am not careful I will just have a long
list of unsolved problems, whch can be somewhat disheartenng. I would rather find a 
fault and fix it, then go on to the next one. Since I do want to use the real TU58 in the 
end, I will have to get that working sometime and it might as well be now...


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