Preferred way of substituting TFT for CRT Monitor?

Martin.Hepperle at Martin.Hepperle at
Mon Jan 18 09:51:21 CST 2016

> What is the exact model number of the video card?
> I am assuming it's an HP98204 of some flavour. The HP98204A uses (US, RS170) TV rates and
> can be connected to any composite monitor that expects that. A lot of TVs (rather than monitors)
> in Europe can accept that and have composite inputs still, perhaps on a SCART socket.
> However the more normal video card in the 9000/217 (aka HP9817) is the HP98204B. This does
> have a composite output but at rather odd rates. There was a specal 'HP' (actually a Samsung
> chassis, and it shows!) monitor for this. I thinkl finding somethng that will lock to the video output
> of that card is going to be 'interesting'
> Do you have the original HP monitor? If so, what model is it?
> -tony

Hi Tony,

indeed this machine has a 98204B video board (intended to work with a 35721 monitor, which I don't have). I have not yet found the specs for its composite signal.

I find many $20 converters/scalers for composite to VGA on amazon or ebay but I am not sure whether such a thing would work for me. Obviously they seem to work for many computer games (SNES, Nintendo) and for some hobby computers like C64, Amiga etc. (e.g. "RCA Composite AV S-Video to VGA Converter Box").

Next I see $50 devices like "Mini Composite RCA CVBS AV To HDMI Converter (Input: AV; Output: HDMI)" which may also be an option, but only seem to scale to a fixed HDMI resolution, which may be unsuitable for the HP-resolution of 512x400 (or 512x390?).

Finally I see $200 converters/scalers which are a bit expensive just for trying to see whether they work (e.g. "Atlona AT-AVS100 Composite/S-Video to Component/VGA Scaler").

I have also contacted Jon from the HP-Museum to see what their solution is.


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