vaxstation 3100 boot issue?

Jay West jwest at
Mon Jan 18 21:57:16 CST 2016

I am not a vax person, I'm posting this for someone else. Could anyone offer
advice for me to relay back to this person (other than reseating boards,
cleaning connectors, or other non-vax-specific stuff)?

I was hoping you could help me answer a question.  I have a Vaxstation 3100
that, when I power it up, fails the test with the following LED readout:

1000 1010
which indicates the failure is in the memory management test.  Any
suggestions on further troubleshooting I can do to figure out how to get
this machine booting?  My plan is to run OpenBSD on it and see if I can
revive some of the ports for this platform.  I'm doing something similar on
my Alphastation 500/400.



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