vaxstation 3100 boot issue?

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Tue Jan 19 04:26:13 CST 2016

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> > Subject: vaxstation 3100 boot issue?
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> > I am not a vax person, I'm posting this for someone else. Could anyone offer
> > advice for me to relay back to this person (other than reseating boards,
> > cleaning connectors, or other non-vax-specific stuff)?
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> > I was hoping you could help me answer a question.  I have a Vaxstation 3100
> > that, when I power it up, fails the test with the following LED readout:
> >
> > 1000 1010
> > which indicates the failure is in the memory management test.  Any
> > suggestions on further troubleshooting I can do to figure out how to get this
> > machine booting?  My plan is to run OpenBSD on it and see if I can revive
> > some of the ports for this platform.  I'm doing something similar on my
> > Alphastation 500/400.
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> Hmm.... I can't find that LED code in the doc I have:
> Which model of
> 3100 is this? Has he tried seeing if anything comes out on the console port?

I agree on checking the console.  TEST 50 should give further information
about the results of the power on self tests.  TEST 0 should run the system

I'd strongly advise removing the battery.  The machine should work quite
happily without it except it will not keep time when the power is off and will
forget it's boot settings.

Check for corrosion on the main board in the area around where the battery lead

Check for corrosion on any memory expansion board fitted and see if the machine
behaves any better with the board removed.

Peter Coghlan.

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