HP 2610A printer

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Jan 20 18:20:07 CST 2016

Someone asked a question about it privately, I researched today and found
the answers so I'll post here as well for posterity.

The HP 2610A printer that I have.... 2610A was the HP designation for the
Control Data Corporation 9322 Printer. HP sold the printer basically
unmodified (as far as I can tell) and slapped their label on it. Mine seems
to be in rather good condition so I suspect it will be restorable. In
addition, I unearthed a full set of  manuals/docs for the thing. Most
manuals I have are HP ones, but a few in the binder are CDC manuals for it.

At the same time, I also found several binders of docs for the HP 2754 (also
have one of those). 2754 is the HP designation for the Teletype model 35KSR.
HP sold the printing terminal/reader/punch with minor modifications and
slapped their label on it. I have a complete set of docs, mostly HP branded
but some (wiring lists, lubrication, disassembly, etc.) are Teletype

Various select pictures of the manual pages are at


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