Preferred way of substituting TFT for CRT Monitor?

tony duell ard at
Thu Jan 21 13:51:46 CST 2016

> Just for my understanding: if I do the math: 512 pixels x 400 rows = 204'800 pixels
>  at 50 Hz I end up with 10.2 MHz and at 60 Hz = 12.3 MHz.
> There is more "room" required for the retrace time, probably another 10% or so?

To avoid the inaccuracies from the unknown vertical retrace time (and unused lines, etc)
I would say that 512 pixels per line and 25kHz line time -> a pixel rate of at least 12.8MHz.
It will be higher than that due to the horizontal retrace time, of course

> So I understand that the monitor must be capable of ~25 kHz and 10...14 MHz and that 
> I better try before buy.


> It is difficult to find specs for these HP 9000 video boards.

I have no idea as to the resolution, but there is an HP98204A that outputs TV rate
(US or European I think) video.


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