Restoring Old Paper Tape

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Fri Jan 22 11:06:00 CST 2016

On 1/21/2016 10:48 PM, John Robertson wrote:
> On 01/21/2016 6:46 PM, Charles Anthony wrote:
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>> -- Charles
> Would it not be simpler to make an optical reader to handle  this job? 
> You need a light source and the correct number of opto transistors to 
> read the light from each hole. There is an index built into the tape 
> so that is easy to set.
> Something like this:
Did anyone get a schematic on the values the fellow used in the article 
on  I see the photos, but didn't see any schematic 
showing what the actual circuit he found to work was. Also didn't see 
any real names.  Was the cited article anyone here?

> Of course my assumption above is based on tape that is still complete. 
> If it has holes or can't be pulled then, yes, photographing and 
> visually reading the dot patterns may be necessary, but that sounds 
> rather impractical if there are more than a couple of tapes to 
> transcribe.
> John :-#)#

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