HP 9000/382 Questions

Pete Lancashire pete at petelancashire.com
Fri Jan 22 14:52:55 CST 2016

Hello from a newbie to the list

I've just acquired 2 HP 382's with expanders. Have not had the time to look
inside them yet.

End goal is to set one up as an instrument controller i.e. using the built
in GPIB and potentially a 2nd GPIB card.

One thing I do not have is a display, keyboard and mouse.

A few question

Is there a PS/2 or USB (yea long shot) adapter for the HPIL interface ?

Does someone have a keyboard/mouse they a not beholding to, or know
where there maybe one ?

Once I get the opened up and take an inventory, anything I should look out
for be trying to power one of them up ?

Can one boot to a terminal on the RS-232 port. Until I find a kbd/mouse ?

What would be optimum version of HP-UX to run on them ?


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