SD Card disk drive for C-64?

william degnan billdegnan at
Sat Jan 23 08:00:15 CST 2016

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> > > Also having rtouble hooking up my original floppy drive as "  LOAD "$"
> > > ,9,1
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> ​How are the jumper on the reak floppy to be set?​
Have you tried to simply run a basic program to temporarily reassign the
drive number?   This is documented on the web.  For example see page 39
here (ignore the fact that this is for a VIC 1541, the method is universal):

Given the potential flakiness of 1541 drives, why make permanent hardware
changes when a basic program allows you to assign the drive to whatever you
want for the temporary need of the day?

Try the following for your SD card drive, My case is different but the
insides are the same

At the bottom the thread there is a link to more info.

Google is  your friend, he misses you.


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