SD Card disk drive for C-64?

william degnan billdegnan at
Sat Jan 23 14:53:38 CST 2016

> "Given the potential flakiness of 1541 drives, why make permanent hardware
> changes when a basic program allows you to assign the drive to whatever you
> want for the temporary need of the day?"
> Though I'm not entirely sure it exists, any "potential flakiness" is
> probably a very good reason to make the change in hardware. Device IDs
> assigned via software (with a M-W command to the DOS) don't persist between
> drive resets and may not persist between serial bus resets either, for that
> matter. So if the drive does screw up and requires a power cycle, you're
> back to device 8 again afterwards. This means shutting off one drive,
> re-assigning the device ID to 9 or whatever, then powering on the second
> drive.
> If you're using more than two drives, it really becomes a hassle. In any
> event, just install a switch (or pair of them..) on each drive and all is
> well.
How about a middle ground then, if you must control drive assignment with
hardware, put in a jumper that can be changed externally without opening
the case each time, or a switch.  Further, I my friendly opinion that one
should start with a software solution.  Switch to hardware when it becomes
a hassle and you're 100% sure you want to leave it permanently.  I switch
things around all of the time, to me it's just part of what you do with
Commodore drives.

Among other useful tools I have a drive assignment program on my SD drive

Here is a link to a video I made to demonstrate commodore drive assignment
using a Commodore B-128, 8050 drive, D9090 drive, and 1571 drive together


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